AddThisEvent is
an Add to Calendar button,
a Subscribe to Calendar button
and Event Management

If you are looking for an “Add to Calendar” button or
a “Subscribe to Calendar” button or an API for on the fly event
creation or an Event Manager for your website or newsletters,
then look no further. AddThisEvent offers an easy, convenient
way to create event buttons. It's easy to use and install.

AddThisEvent was created in Palo Alto, California, May 2012 by
Michael Nilsson and is today considered to be the standard
“Add to Calendar” button on the Internet.

Try our button's

Add to Calendar 08/14/2015 09:00 AM 08/14/2015 11:00 AM America/New_York Summary of the event Description of the event Location of the event Organizer Organizer e-mail false MM/DD/YYYY
Subscribe to Calendar

And our:

  • "Add to Calendar" + "Subscribe to Calendar" buttons for newsletters
  • Event Manager
  • Custom Templates
  • API for on the fly event creation

AddThisEvent is:

  • Easy to use and install
  • 100% themable
  • Timezone and DST compatible
  • The leading calendar widget in the world
  • Great support (we will actually help you)


You're in good company. Awesome Internet Superstars
and Offline Ninjas use AddThisEvent too


Install your new buttons in a few minutes

AddThisEvent helps you create an “Add to Calendar” or a “Subscribe to Calendar” button in a matter of minutes. Get started using our simple yet beautiful pre-built button or customize the design to fit your website or application. Do not worry about daylight savings time and time differences in all the different regions of the world - we have got it covered. AddThisEvent has been tested by millions of users and is entrusted by companies from San Francisco to Sydney.

Works everywhere

AddThisEvent is carefully crafted and optimized for the most common browsers, tablets and mobile devices. In our mindset we go "way back" and so does our optimization - our buttons are even optimized for Internet Explorer 6 (yes, some people in the world still use Internet Explorer 6).

What about newsletters, campaign management tools and social media like Facebook and Twitter?

Sharing your event on social medias like Facebook or Twitter is easy with our event management tool. Simply create your event and share it or insert the event link in your newsletters or campaign tools. With our event management tool you are able to provide links for direct downloads or create a landing page where your users can add your event to their calendar of choice.

Custom templates and Direct URL Method (API)

If you’re comfortable hand-coding HTML, then you can customize the apperance of the landing page. We have created simple block elements and tags which makes it fast and easy to setup your own design. You can create an unlimited number of templates.

Our Direct URL Method (API) is a method suitable for developers who develop their own newsletters, work with Flash, mobile development etc.


Non-commercial Usage - Free

If you want to use the "Add to Calendar" button for a personal website, your schools website, your personal blog or a non-profit organization then you do not need to become a Premium Member, just go on and use it.

Commercial Usage only $4.8 /month (if billed annually)

The AddThisEvent buttons, Event Manager and API is going to save you weeks of programming, so consider becoming a Premium Member. As a Premium Member our services become unbranded, you get access to all features and you support AddThisEvent to become even better.

Key Features Non-commercial Usage
Commercial Usage
Pre-built “Add to Calendar” button
Calendar generates & downloads Unlimited Unlimited
Timezone and DST compatible
SSL support (https)
Advanced “Add to Calendar” javascript settings
Change labels in “Add to Calendar” dropdown
Custom options in “Add to Calendar” dropdown
Custom “Add to Calendar” themes gallery
Custom CSS (ability to customize the “Add to Calendar” button)
Event reminders in Outlook, iCalendar (MAC) etc.  
Recurring events in Outlook, iCalendar (MAC) etc.  
Pre-built “Subscribe to Calendar” button  
Calendar generates & syncs   Unlimited
Timezone and DST compatible  
SSL support (https)  
Advanced “Subscribe to Calendar” javascript settings  
Change labels in “Subscribe to Calendar” dropdown  
Custom options in “Subscribe to Calendar” dropdown  
Custom “Subscribe to Calendar” themes gallery  
Custom CSS (ability to customize the “Subscribe to Calendar” button)  
Event Management Tool for newsletters and campaign tools, eg. MailChimp, Marketo, Salesforce, CampaignMonitor, flash, iPhone, Android etc.  
Direct URL Method (API) for dynamic calendar creation with optional landing page  
Custom landing page for events  
All AddThisEvent branding removed  
Support   Priority


Building AddThisEvent with our users is the real deal to us.
We keep track with all changes made so our users are kept in the loop.

Update (Tuesday, July 7, 2015)


In the "Advanced settings" for the "Add to Calendar" button and the "Subscribe to Calendar" button you are able to control the sort order in the drop down menu.

An user was using spaces in the list. Apparently we did not trim the values for spaces resulting in the items not being picked up in our values comparison. The issue has been fixed.

The javascript resources "1.5.8.min.js", "1.6.0.min.js", "atemay.js" and "ate-latest.min.js" have been updated.

Update (Monday, June 29, 2015)


We have finally launched our new "Subscribe to Calendar" functionality.

Our new "Subscribe to Calendar" button enables you to create and manage calendars your users can subscribe to. When subscribed your users automatically get your events pushed into their calendars. If you make changes, your event information automatically gets synced.

It is a clever way to keep your users informed about your events. Your users do not need to download a new app, your calendar seamless integrates with their existing calendar system and works on any modern platform or device. The "Subscribe to Calendar" functionality can be embedded on your website, in your newsletters or you can share it on social media like Facebook and Twitter.

Update (Thursday, June 25, 2015)


During the next few days we roll out our new "Subscribe to Calendar" button. There may be corrections on our website while we roll it out.


Fixed a minor tracking issue.